​My name is craig and as the title says I’m kinda small….

Not the small as in under 4ft but close enough some people would say 😔

I have 2 kids and a wife who make me who I am (unless my wife punches me in the throat for reading this)  and I’m proud to say there my life. My wife is my first ever girlfriend from years back (she decided to give me another chance years later) and now we have a beautiful gorgeous daughter together. She, also like her mother wants to punch me in the throat but I’m now starting to believe that’s a father thing??! 

I also have a handsome (takes after his daddy) 10 year old boy who adores his xbox more than me 😕

The thing is with my family….I wouldn’t change them for the world! They are me and make me who I am today (apart from the shortness, I have no idea who I get that from) but keep reading and I’ll post everything I can possibly think of 

Hope you enjoy all this rubbish that I’m gonna spout