So me and the wife decided to go out for a meal tonight with our little girl and chose to go to the toby carvery which is a nice little 5 minute walk from our house.

When we got there we got seated straight away by a very nice waitress and was very quick to order our drinks (excellent service already). We then went up to get our carvery and the chef behind the counter offered to give our little girl some sausages to go with her meal, this was quite a treat as we don’t normally get offered this so courtney said yes please…

Sitting down enjoying our meal and my little girl finishes her water so I asked a waitress for another glass of water..she looked at me weird when I passed her the empty glass and then said to me “oh…you want a new glass of water? 

To me this question could have gone two ways, I could have answered with a sarcastic “no I was wondering if I could have that half a glass of water on the other table” but as my wife and child was there I answered with a “yes plese” đŸ˜• (probably one of the strangest questions I have ever been asked while ordering a drink) the waitress grabbed a new glass and me and the wife ordered our puddings.

All I can say is that place has amazing service and food!! Me and the family are regulars there and will keep going (and hopefully get some weird questions from the staff to laugh about after our meals)

Please check them out if you guys haven’t already!!