While I was in Spain I decided to download the infamous pokemon go app 😀 

Now this game is being talked about everywhere so I decided sod it…why not download it! I’ve used to be a huge pokemon fan growing up so this game is my childhood.

Walking around in Spain trying to catch these dam things when you don’t even know where you are is hard work! Spanish people looking at me thinking I’m some sort of crazed nutter walking around with my phone in front of me trying to catch things 

But the game is amazeballs! Brings back my childhood in 2 mins…then I go and run out of pokeballs! Tut tut! Then you look at the price of these dam pokeballs and you think sod that. I then find out I can maybe get free pokeballs from pokestops but again it’s walking to these stops in a completely different country and there’s hardly any of them around where I was.

Come back to England and wow! Loads of pokestops everywhere and also a lot more pokemon to catch too so I am now in my element and looking forward to cathing myself a pikachu!!! The wife thinks I’m sad but I’ve told her it’ll help me loose some weight with all this walking around that I’ll be doing 😂😂 (and I’m sure she’ll be happy with the peace and quiet) 

Guys and girls of all ages..if you grew up with pokemon this game is perfect for you! Get downloading it and go catching!