I’ve known Emma for 18 years, she’s been my wife for 7 years. We’ve dated 3 times now and this time we decided to get hitched! When I first met emma was in my mum and dads back garden when her friend come to see me and she joined her, when I first saw her I thought wow! She’s gorgeous beyond belief, I even still remember the way she looked that day. I found out later that day that she was already dating someone and that felt horrible.

A few days later I met her again with her friend but this time she wanted to speak to me on my own…I didn’t know what it was about but I followed her. She sat me down and told me she fancied me and that she had broke up with her boyfriend (I’m currently smiling inside) and that she wanted to start going out with me. We dated for 6 months and to me it was the best 6 months of my life. We went to a friend’s disco one evening, we danced to westlife’s “if I let you go” and that was the very first time I told her “I love you” a few months went on and we split up (we both cannot remember the reason why). 

A year later we bumped into each other again and it was like nothing had ever changed between us, we chatted for ages and started dating again for probably another 6 months before we split up again. We both moved on and had long term relationships.

Years later and a failed relationship I decided to go onto Facebook and look up some old friends, for some reason emma’s name popped into my head and I added her. I went out that day and when I got back home a few hours later there was a message waiting for me from her. It took me about 20 minutes to read it but at the bottom she left her mobile number. Shocked to see that she was only living in the next street to me!!! I decided to text her and ask her if she fancied a walk to the shops.

When we met up we both cuddled each other and then we talked for hours! We stayed up all night texting each other until about 4.am I did find out that she wanted to move up north to be with her family in a few months but it didn’t stop me from wanting to spend all my time with her before she left. The next day emma made the first move and kissed me and wow!! What a kiss!! 

After that we were inseparable, we spent everyday together and fell in love all over again and made the most of it. Emma decided to not move up north and stay here with me (I was so happy). A few months went by and I asked this girl to marry me and she said yes!! Since that day 8 years ago I haven’t looked back and never will. I made the beat decision of my life meeting up with her, we’ve been married for 7 years this November and we have a little girl who’s 3. This woman is an amazing woman who I wouldn’t change for the world and she has made me a better person too. To me we are soul mates who are meant to be together.

Emma Hillier I love you more than you will ever know!