1.Pidgey Stacking

Increasing the level of your trainer is crucial to get access to both higher level Pokémonand the tools to catch them. Above level 20 you gain access to Ultra balls, which make life a lot easier when trying to keep hold of the rarer beasts. Levelling up can be a bit of a slow grind, but Pidgey stacking can boost your trainer by at least one level.

It’s pretty simple. All you need are lots of Pidgey and a lucky egg. Low powered Pidgey are plentiful in most places and require only 12 candies to evolve into Pidgeotto, an act that normally gives you 500XP. With a lucky egg active, which doubles your XP for 30 minutes that becomes 1,000XP per evolution.

By collecting loads of them and evolving as many as possible in 30 minutes with a lucky egg you can set somewhere in the region of 30,000 to 40,000XP at full burn with a strong internet connection. At lower levels that’s enough to jump at least one, possibly two levels. After you’re done with all the Pidgey, just trade in the resulting Pidgeotto to start collecting candies to do it again.

You can use any Pokémon that can evolve, of course, but Pidgey is the most candy efficient given its abundance.

2.Eevee Evolution

One of the more powerful and easier to get Pokémon in the game are the evolved forms of Eevee, but unlike most other beasts in the game, Eevee has three different evolved forms in Pokémon Go.

Eevee can become the fire-based Flareon, the electricity-based Jolteon or the water-based Vaporeon. They’re all solid in their own ways, with some being more effective in certain situations than others. But the most powerful for both attack and defence of the lot is Vaporeon.

To choose, rather than have Eevee randomly evolve into one of them, you have to rename your Eevee after one of the Eevee brothers from the Pokémon TV show before evolving it.

Calling it Pyro spawns a Flareon, while Sparky becomes a Jolteon and Rainer a Vaporeon. Rename Eevee, hit save and then reload the Pokémon Go app just to make sure the name saved. Then evolve the renamed Eevee to net yourself your desired Pokémon.

This should work at least once, but your milage may vary. Make sure you check out the IVs of the Eevee you’re planning to evolve to make sure you’ve got a top-notch one before using all your candy.

3.Visit parks with multiple pokèstops

While you can find Pokémon just about anywhere, if you want to find lots of Pokémon, you want to go to a populated area. 

Cities are a pretty good starting point, but we prefer parks — especially parks with a good body of water, or saltwater beach parks — for the ultimate Pokémon catching experience. Different terrain will help you find different types of Pokémon, while parks with multiple PokéStops ensure that you won’t run out of Poké Balls while hunting. (In our testing, PokéStops also encourage the spawning of more Pokémon — especially if you attach a lure.