So last night me and the wife went round to “Jomani Towers” (her brothers house) for a meal and a few drinks.

The night was massive! Conversations were had about dogging, nephews tugging, and sex lives and when the songs came on people started getting undressed! (Mostly me of course)

Most of the music was cheesy 90’s but it’s what we all grew up with so we all loved ever minute of it. The drinks were flowing quite well at one point and I had 5 amaretto and cokes, 2 WKD blues and 3 apple sour shots, I made it home in one piece! Most people will know I’m a light weight and can’t handle my drink.

So apart from the brother in law having a dream about dogging while his wife laid next to him, and the conversation of myself walking in on a nephew tugging was a funny highlight of the night. But as everyone knows I have skills when it comes to dancing so I brought them to the party! The wife really enjoyed herself too was a nice to see.

Emma’s brother in law also prvoided the evening with the new “Oculus Rift” it’s a VR system that uses your phone to provide virtual reality. All I can say is amazing! I was ducking and diving, trying to touch dinosaurs and also riding roller coasters in the living room.