The wife’s birthday is fast approaching, I really need to get her a present from me and a “mummy” present from our little girl. I’m not very good at this …

I normally leave buying presents and cards till the last minute, so I’m now sat here thinking “oh crap! What am I going to buy her?!”

A couple of days back, I managed to get online at and order her the perfect card. Yes you’re right, I ordered a card a few weeks ago, I’m getting better.

I now have the challenging task of buying her some gifts. My wife knows me in every way and can always get me the perfect present.

Now, I do know my wife inside out but for me trying to get her the perfect present is a nightmare!!

I’ve got her so many decent presents in the past including an ipad, a TV and also a pandora charm bracelet. She loves them so much, but as we get older it gets harder and harder to buy her these “perfect gifts” 

Now with some careful consideration, I think I may have come up with some good presents! I can’t really say on here because she reads my blog.., but in a few weeks, all of you will find out what I have bought her. 

Stay tuned people to find out if I got it right or totally wrong…