I decided to start blogging a while back but never had the guts to do it. I’m not good at grammar so thought to myself what’s the point! 

We went on holiday to Spain a few weeks ago with Emma’s brother and his fiancè Sian. 

Sian is an experienced blogger and we spoke about it for ages while on holiday. (She spoke I just listened) Also Dan is a blogger too, so these guys gave me some good advice and tips.

The whole family are turning into bloggers now and it is a good way for me to spend my evenings while the wife watches her TV. Yes you heard that correct! It’s her TV as it was a present from me 😔 

Now listening to Sian and Dan gave me a bit more courage to start writing a blog, I viewed their blogs and got some more knowledge. I wanted to do something I’m good at, and that is making people laugh. So sarcasm, humour and a bit of sex if the wife allows it.


This is Sian’s blog so please guys take a look