I’m going to tell you all some really happy and funny memories about being married to Emma.

1. My first favourite memory with Emma is on our first holiday abroad to Tunisia. 

2. A nice camel ride turned into me falling off head first forward, while Emma remained on the camel. Didn’t injure myself but it did not stop Emma laughing at me for the rest of the camel ride.

3. When I asked Emma to marry me was probably one of my best memories as it was romantic and she started crying with happiness (I hope) I made her a nice bath with candles all around and told her to go and have a relaxing bath, while she was doing that I grabbed the ring and got into the bath with her. I then pulled the ring from underneath the bubble bath and proposed.

4. Wedding day…She starts walking down the aisle and I’m at the front bricking it! I have never been so nervous in my entire life but as she gets closer she starts balling her eyes out (again due to happiness) me on the other hand stops panicking and starts laughing.

 5. We eventually get to our vows portion of the wedding and like always, I muck up and put the ring onto the wrong finger. Everyone in the room starts laughing hysterically at me, and like I always do, I laugh along!!

6. The birth of Courtney was amazing! Emma had a C-Section but watching it all happen was definately the number one memory. The downside was going for a cigarette one minute leaving Emma on her own, then coming back the next minute and walking into a room full of nurses crowding my wife!! Me being stupid actually thought she had already given birth and I missed it all. Luckily enough I didn’t, but was told Emma had to have an emergency C-Section. A few hours later our miracle baby girl was born weighing a tiny 5lb 6oz