Why was it such a big deal? It wasn’t so much the move itself, but the fact it was the third house move in 18 months. During that period, our daughter Courtney, was also born. Emma did not realise she was pregnant until after the house move. As you can appreciate, it was a hectic time to say the least.

The only piece of advice I have when moving is to mark every single box very clearly. Several boxes got put to one side in our garage and they were left, unopened. When we moved home every box that was labelled when into the correct room and it was so much easier to unpack.

Believe it or not, we didn’t find moving with our daughter too stressful. My mother-in-law was able to come and keep her entertained for the day and this helped enormously. If you can call on friends or neighbours for support, it’ll make things go more smoothly. Having children at a certain age though, makes it hard for them to get used to a new house. We had the same problem with Courtney, trying to get her to sleep in the new house. She did eventually get used to it but when we drive past our old house, she very sweetly says “hi old house”

Only thing I am going to mention is, we are not moving again until we can afford our own house! It’s too stressful even when paying a company to help you move.